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* Julius and Lielanie *

* P...I...X *

I have dedicated this page to my wonderful boyfriend, Julius, and I.
     Julius and I first met at KCC during accounting class.  (We had math together before that but never talked to eachother.)  Actually from my side of the story I started talking to him, I stayed after class just to get to know this interesting man.  He caught my attention but he wasn't very interested in talking to me.  So I just kept buggin him.  I don't know what finally turned his heart but I am glad I bugged him because I have found the most wonderful man in the world.  He's smart, sweet, and 100% interesting.  Anyone who knows Julius can understand why he is so amazing, and if you don't know him you'll have to trust in my judgement.
     We've been officially "together" sence my 21st birthday, March 8, '03.  And hoping for 20+ years together.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have met such an amazing person, I'm so glad we are together and our future plans are just as wonderful.  :o)

Julius and I at the dock watching the boat leave.

Julius and Lielanie

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