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Big Island
Big Island Photos

Traveling with mom is always an adventure...

Check out these photos and read about our Big Island adventure.

The beauty of Hawaii's Big Island.

When Grandma and Aunt Kit decided to come to Kauai we decided that we would like to spend some time on a different island.  We concidered all of our options and settled on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We made our plans and decided to spend two nights on the Hilo side (west), and two nights on the Kona side (east).  It was a beautiful 5 days and the weather was fantastic (hot and humid just like all of Hawaii).  When we got to the Big Isle the rental car company had overbooked their rentals and we couldn't get a car.  But no fear, we got a ride to the hotel and waited for their phone call.  When no phone call came everyone became bored and stressed so Aunt Kit and I went for a walk to kill some time.  When we got back Mom and Grandma had already gotten the car and we were ready to roll.

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